TRÍPODE publishing house

Trípode’s objective is to promote high literature and in a special way new voices of Catalan authors.
The planned volume of publications is 8/12 books per year, in order to be able to carry out a good selection, care and promotion of each author.
There is a predilection with literary stories (short stories) and brief novels or nouvelles.
A collection called «Library of Modernism» has also been opened, which has published the Complete original poetry by Jeroni Zanné (one of our best poets, who went into exile in Argentina in 1913 until he died in 1934. Many unpublished works he wrote in Buenos Aires have been recovered). Another collection started in June 2019 with Haitian personal diaries is «Private Lives» that will influence the literary of self, intimist, dietarianism or cahierism. In January 2021 the Poetry collection begins, dedicated especially to contemporary Catalan poetry.


Published books

El fum t’encega la mirada, by Oriol Guilera
Nocturn aranès, by Imma Pericas
L’últim escrivent, by Sílvia Jané
Entre les cendres del migdia, by Anna Pascual
Un cafè curt, sisplau, by Joan Ballesteros
Diagonal, by Lluís Balsells
Ella, la noia, by Carme Montserrat
Un dissabte de primavera, by Isidre Grau
L’àlbum multicolor, by Louise Dupré
El llarg silenci dels botxins, by Alfons Cama
Danielàndia, by Lluís Balsells
Versos escapçats, by Joan Albareda
Ciutadà Canalda, by Isidre Grau

Brief novels
La boca segellada, by Eugène Pujarniscle
Setanta-tres dies amb el pare, by Isidre Grau
Qui dia passa, by Josep M. Morreres
Massa tard, by Lluís Balsells

Short stories
A l’ombra de Boccaccio, by multiple autors
Pell, escates i altres camises de força, by Gemma Santaló
La insuportable absència del bròquil, by Eulàlia Armengol
Volar a cegues, by Gemma Santaló
I si tot fos això, by Susagna Aluja, Oriol Guilera, Anna Pascual and pilar Prim
Distància infinita, by Ramon Almirall
La imprecisió dels llindars, by Lluís Balsells
Ara em prendria una orxata, by Eulàlia Armengol

Cases de poeta, by Abraham Mohino
Lianes o les rates que imiten l’Esther Williams, by Núria Mirabet
Al dellà de l’enlloc, by Mònica Miró
Tornar a néixer, by Montse Rubinat
Rosa de torrent, by Alfred Vilaplana
L’any de l’estrella, by Teresa Costa-Gramunt
Carta tancada, by Rosina Ballester
Inventari d’ànimes, by Agustí Olivares
Converses i notes, by Guido Sari
Vestigia, by Mònica Miró
Trencadissa, by Anna Campillo
Vinyoli, de Begur el vers, by Miquel Sánchez
Descosir-se l’asfalt en un abric de quadres, by Núria Mirabet
Epifanies, by Xavier Jové
Pell morta, by Montse Maestre
Extravagància boreal, by Josep Lázaro
Abri/Redòs, by Maria Maïlat

«Biblioteca del Modernisme»
Poesia original completa, by Jeroni Zanné
Poesia i periodisme, by Arnau Martínez Serinyà
Petons, by Alexandre de Riquer
Odes (llibres I i II), d’Horaci, translated by Jeroni Zanné
La caiguda, by Felip Palma
Les bullangues se comencen en dilluns. Vida, obra i viatges d’Apeles Mestres, by Maria Planellas
Contes fatídics, by Alfons Maseres

«Vides privades»
Diaris haitians, by Rita Pijoan
El dring dels sentits, by Esperança Castell


Publisher: Pilar Blasco Prim
Lawyer, journalist, graduate in Humanities and writer. Editorial Trípode
C/ Aribau 114, ent. 4a Barcelona 08036/ 0034 630923701

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